Sunday, December 14, 2008

The past week

We put up the other Christmas tree, the one we will actually use for the festivities. The other is just decoration. And other decorations upstairs, don't tell me I look fat. It's rude. You can tell me I look crappy, Gary isn't exactly a photographer... neither am I particularly photogenic.The kids got to sit on Santa's lap twice in two days. Zurich just liked the candy canes.We got to go visit my sister and her fam for her new baby's blessing. Olea tucked the sword in the sheath... all the way down the leg of her pants. Hilairum to watch her draw out the sword. Zurich also found a sword that was to his liking. This week Olea, Zurich and I visited a friend from High School for her little one's 4th birthday.
Olea didn't let me wash off the "fairy make-up" till this morning... the party was Wednesday.I finished going through the bridals I took for my sister.My parents came to visit and we took in some festive fun at Thanksgiving point. Hot Chocolate, Reindeer, and the drive through lights. I love this pic. Zurich enjoyed driving through the lights.


  1. Pregnant women aren't fat. They are pregnant. Hang in there, little lady.

  2. Wow, that looks like a fun party :) lol. Olea is such a pretty lil girl :) What on earth is she doing to Zurich in that one picture with all those things lined up in a row? lol