Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Random happenings

Olea keifed some clothes pins from Oma's house I think. Because we came home with some. Zurich used them like chopsticks to eat his string cheese.

I asked Olea to go get the camera, here is a self portrait on her way down the stairs,
and then she took a pic of me before surrendering the camera.

This is the reason I asked her to get the camera.
My mom likes this painting a lot... but I have other plans for it... and she said she just wanted a picture of it before I went ahead with it.
Then we got out the Christmas decor. Olea was SO excited. Zurich was curious.
Olea and I set up the Christmas Village.
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  1. Corretta, you are so good! I still need to get Christmas out!! Life at your house looks like so much fun! I'm still catching my breath and trying to catch up on my blog... but I thought I should tell you to email me with your email address (I just decided to make our blog private) so I can send you an 'invite'. I love the painting of the clouds. You are soooo talented!!!!

  2. Cute painting Corretta. I also noticed the books that you are reading.Zach read Eragon, Eldest and Brisinger and really liked them. :-)

  3. Andrea, I don't know how to get your email addy to send you mine, so if you read my comments.... atteroc(at)yahoo(the dot)com

  4. Cute christmas village! We live in Pleasant Grove now and I want Olea to come over for a lil birthday playdate celebration for Maddie's birthday!