Tuesday, February 24, 2009


do I show favoritism to my kids?
yup. I do.
I let Olea use the remotes and don't let Zurich even see them.
I call Zurich to my room to give him some of my Reeses pieces,
and only give Olea them when she happens to be there too.
(Zurich says "treat" when he sees me open the drawer.... it's too cute)
I let Olea sit at the big table every meal. Zurich only gets to when
Daddy lets him, or I'm in a good mood to clean up everything.
I let Zurich play in the mud, and reprimand Olea for venturing off the sidewalk.
I spend time with Olea and do projects with her in my studio. I only let
Zurich touch Olea's chalkboard when he is lucky enough to be in the studio.
I make Olea share her toys, but i don't make Zurich share his.
I let Zurich sit on my lap sometimes when I work at the computer...
and never let Olea do that anymore.
Because we're all at different levels.
Being 4.5 and being 1 is so different.


  1. ha! this is what i tell ellie EVERYDAY. we are all a different levels. which she quickly responded to with "you mean i'm smarter than jonas?" and now used it against him any chance she gets.
    amen on the sharing. i keep telling myself not to do that but ellie just understands and jonas is just learning. ha ha.
    love this post!