Thursday, February 19, 2009


...Is how Olea felt about being able to make a "elliscope" (telescope). Remember when I posted
about ZuZu's Wishing Cake and the fun crafties Olea made because of it. Well she has been
collecting toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls to the point where it was driving Gary crazy as
he kept finding "trash" about the house. So finally I took her and all her "trash" downstairs to
make a telescope. TaDA! (we only needed one paper towel roll, some saran wrap, and paper and tape. Put the
saran wrap over one end of the paper towel roll and secure with tape. Cover the sides in
decorated paper. Olea used a paper she water colored on her easel and taped it on. A little longer
paper is nice to tuck the ends into the roll so it feels nicer against your eye (rather than giving
your eye a paper cut) and tape down the paper on the inside of the roll so you can see through
your "ellescope." Now, seriously go explore.

At our last Enrichment a Reading Specialist said that a parent should read at home with their
child at least 3 times their age in minutes. So that would mean I need to read to Olea 13.5 mins
and Zurich 3.75 mins. Numbering it down for me like that has been quite insightful.
Besides, Olea and Zurich really like books so it's pretty easy.
Usually if I start reading to Zurich I gather Olea up too (pause whatever she is doing) and read.
When he is done... about 3-5 mins he'll slither off my lap and Olea and I will read a little more. I
have tried to be more consistent about this before his afternoon nap. He's getting used to it.
Today he brought me a book as an indication that he was ready for a story and a nap. We keep
the library books in a bag at the top of the stairs so they are easily accessible during the day.
Plus it keeps them easier to find because 1. There isn't a garbage can near 2. The kids know that
the books go in the bag, (even Zurich gets this) 3. It keeps them on our mind and we read more
often. 4. Which means we go to the Library and rotate them more often.

And for your viewing pleasure: Olea gives Zurich a "shoulder ride" (Gary assists) An Olea drawing of Olea going to Grandma's house.

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  1. i heart reading aloud to my children. SOO SOO great.
    where did that time scale come from? do you know? i've never heard it before.