Thursday, February 5, 2009

When we try to surprise each other...

Gary and I have a problem when we try to surprise each other...
he already knew what he was getting for his birthday, and Christmas... etc.
So the other night when Gary was trying to surprise me with my
favorite flowers he was getting a little frustrated. He kept trying to get me
to go upstairs so he could arrange the flowers and make the card...
but I kept getting mixed signals: "I just want to spend time with you"
so when I want to leave Olea to brush her teeth on her own and go
down to the basement with him and he sends me away I don't get it. etc. etc. :)

Anyway, I love him, but that's obvious, so I'm not going to tell you all that much more about it.

Day before his birthday and he buys me flowers...
Promped by one of our many songs: Needs by Collective Soul.

So Yesterday was Gary's birthday. Olea and I made him cards and Zurich had picked out (yes he really did help pick it) the Ironman movie out for Gary. We met him at the park and ride (he'd carpooled to work with a coworker) and then dropped the kids off at their Aunt Kendra and Uncle Eric's, (thanks so much, Olea was thrilled to be going there)and we went and ate dinner at the Bombay House. Dear friends, seriously do try it, if you have never been. Make sure you get a Rose Lassi (drink) Some Onion Naan, Raj Chicken or Chicken Tiki Masala and The Assorted Snacks appetizer. That's all Gary wanted for his birthday: Dinner with me at the Bombay House. Easy to please.

Afterward we figured we'd go walk around BYU campus... it's been four years since we graduated. We had fun, (we know how to do that) but we were also reminded, that we personally don't have really great fond memories of the place, it was just something we were trying to get done and done and done with. We were crossing a MARKED crosswalk, decently lit and a sign in the middle of the street indicating that it was a cross walk. Am I wrong or is it the law to stop when someone is on the cross walk? Don't pedestrians on a cross walk have the right of way? Anyway, we started to cross, a car down the street turns the corner, we make eye contact... it sees us and speeds up. That's right. But of course we keep walking because we have right of way... and if they hit us... sucks to be them eheheheh anyway the chick slams on her breaks, gets out of the car and calls Gary a "jerk" because "I couldn't see you, you are wearing dark clothes, it is dark." (ps I was closest to the car and have reflectors on my jacket...) Gary motions to the crosswalk and her burnt out headlight. "Might want to fix that." "I'm aware of it." ... and are you aware of what a crosswalk is? It was pretty funny, I couldn't believe that she got out of her car to argue a point where she was clearly wrong. We had a good laugh over it...

Later we were walking around in a new addition to a building and we both grabbed a double door which seemed like a very obvious door to a larger hallway... No luck. I saw students clearly in class and screeched a bit and dropped the door, Gary tried to slowly, quietly close the door, rather pointless after my reaction. Ah what a hoot.


  1. Too cute!! I love it when they surprise us like that!

  2. I like you. And I like you and Gary. And I like the song Needs. And I like cala lilies. (They really are the best!) And I don't like that girl who tried to hit you guys.

    I am totally going to try Bombay House one day. I'll have to write down your recommendations. :)