Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Vals and the letter H

For Valentine's Day
Olea and I made rice crispy treat Kisses
I cannot claim the
Genius I do claim the fun though.
First Olea decided what each Valentine should say

She chose to write what she liked to do with each person.

I wrote it for her and she copied the letters as best she could
She got pretty tired near the end so I wrote the non essentials for her.
It was good letter practice and we had fun.
Then we made the Rice Crispy treats.
We used our smallest funnel to shape them and then she got to
slip the paper in and wrap them up.
We made ones for Daddy and Grandma and Grandpa too
since they visited shortly this weekend (it was a REALLY short visit and she had some
serious trauma recovering from how short it was).

The letter H

Yesterday Olea's preschool teacher was sick.
So we had some fun of our own.
I put Z down for a nap and we went to the studio.
On the chalkboard we drew
H and h
Horses, Humming birds and Hats
(I regret not taking a pic of her drawings before we erased them
off the chalkboard and moved on, I was thrilled that she came
up with things that actually started with H, usually she just throws
out random things) Her drawings really surprised me, she is learning
to dissect more what she sees and draw it better.... though we still
have chats about how our arms don't grow out of our heads.
Thanks to my sister for the "ends" from the newspaper
company she used to work for: we made a
HatThen we poked, stamped, punched,
Holesand cut outHearts
and cut them in
we signed
and figured out how to remember that the
H sounds Hot

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