Thursday, February 12, 2009

No point recreating

This pregnancy seems to be going pretty fast.
There are lots of reasons it seems that way.
But at the same time these last months are dragging...
and it's funny because today I was feeling a familiar feeling
that strangely enough I wrote a poem about at two months before having Zurich...
Which is where I am at now... (two months before due date)
and since I think it says it so well (since I said it)
and since I've already said it
there is no point recreating a poem
that already exists...


Bloom, radiance, pregnancy
Warm bile rises in my throat
Yet, I smile at the pressure
Rolls, kicks in my blowfish belly

Ache, stiff, effort
My activity cut short
Yet, I warm as I feel
Personality, life growing within

Crazy, forgetful, sacrifice
Personal desires delayed
Yet, I find a balance of joy as I
Grow, work, prepare to bring life

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