Thursday, March 12, 2009

Birthdays Birthdays Everyone

This last weekend we celebrated birthdays. None that belonged to our house. But good times.
Olea and I went to breakfast with our friend Michelle for her 40th. We've known Michelle since we first got married. She has been a life constant friend to Olea, who lovingly calls her Shell. We also got to see Angie who watched Olea for a while so I could finish up my degree. She doesn't remember it being a scheduled thing... which I guess is good, because that means it wasn't a huge sacrafice. :)

Sunday we had Aunt Kendra come over for her 20th. Sheesh, she is young. Her hubby Eric had her blind folded the whole drive out here... that is a long time to be blindfolded. At least she didn't seem disappointed when he took the blind fold off. :) Olea's painting for Kendra and Eric. I thought it was super good then she started explaining something about blood on the prince and I was a bit concerned. She painted the wrapping paper (a picture of Jesus she said) but we had to cut it in half to wrap the two presents. So that sounds bad. I made a cake for Kendra, the kind I had been craving the last few weeks, which just happens to be her favorite too. However, I am disappointed in Pillsbury... where was the colored chip frosting? I couldn't find it anywhere to top the funfetti cake. So we had to use their lame sprinkle funfetti substitute. It turned out cute and I personally thought the gummy bears were super yummy on it. Eric was nice enough to blow up a bunch of Olea's balloons (I hate balloons, and blowing them up even more).

Olea was very excited for these events. Her Primary teachers heard about it all through Primary and received multiple invites.

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  1. It was so good to see you and Olea! I seriously don't remember watching her that often. I do remember, though, how stinkin' cute she was (and still is).