Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I made these shirts last year for Gary's parents and our little family. Gary's mother is Irish. I think it's great to have a claim on the holiday. So this year since my kiddies are gone: I reminisce. Each shirt defines our relation, Gary's dad's and mine says: I'm with Irish. Gary's mom's says: I'm Irish. Gary's says: I'm Half Irish and the kid's say: I'm Quarter Irish. I think mine is funny this year since I am: With Quarter Irish child. With Irish is just a faster way of saying it. Of course I packed the kids' shirts, but had to quickly make Zurich a new onesie since he's grown out of his other one. Call me silly. At least I have fun.


  1. Thats not silly, thats a cute idea!!

  2. Wow...I'm impressed. I think all we do for St. Paddy's Day is eat a bowl of Lucky Charms. I'm half Samoan...what do you expect? LOL!

  3. I tried to comment earlier but the computer I was on was ridiculous and wouldn't allow. Meh...

    Anyway, I loved your shirts last year, and I love 'em still. -And your shirt is even more fun now! Heh heh!

    TOP O' THE MORNIN' TO YA! (I know I'm about 12 hours late with that comment, but it's not my fault!)

  4. woopsie...i'm also supposed to let you know about aaron's blog. he wants a bigger audience and i think you'd appreciate his humor. :)


  5. I love the shirts. FABULOUS! I have irish blood for everywhere, so i have no idea what percertage I am.