Monday, March 2, 2009

My Gerds

I'm late to post it... but like anyone out there knows the difference...
Gary put in a water softener this month. It has been great. It probably only took 3 or 4 hours.
The hardest part was getting the large pex crimper in some VERY tight corners. But Gary
managed and it's all good, no leaks and works great. He plumbed it all so we still have good
tasting water in the kitchen and fridge. It didn't take long to see the difference as the soft water
seemed to dissolve the hard water stains that had accumulated. I am so grateful to have such a
handy husband. This solution was SIGNIFICANTLY less expensive than all the salesmen that
have come by trying to sell us water softeneing systems since we moved here. It's also nice to be
able to claim doing such work yourself and claiming the money saved. And I didn't have to deal
with sales people, freaky servicemen or anything. :)

That same weekend he also ran the power and installed the breaker for my pottery kiln. Running the power line through the grey conduit was not easy. It all kept binding up on itself.The longer we are married the more impressed with him I am. He has such an ability to
learn and accomplish anything. He is determined and talented and adaptable.


  1. We may need to borrow Gary for a few weeks when we buy a house..... :)