Monday, March 16, 2009

Picture Tag

Do I always have to break the rules?
These are the rules...

*Go to the document settings/my pictures on your computer
*Choose your 6th file

*Choose your 6th picture

*Blog about it

*Tag 6 more people!

but it doesn't work for me since I have Windows Vista (I'm so cool. I know. Whatever.)
So I had to go about this a little differently but the effect is basically the same.
I was tagged by Marci.

Funny thing, this was taken March 2nd 2008. So close to a year ago. It was an attempt at a family picture. Using the timer on our camera. It worked pretty well. It is fitting since we are looking toward our #3 baby and I just shipped my two babies off to Idaho with their Grandparents for a week of Fabulous Fun. Neither of them had any problems saying goodbye. Zurich got up this morning patted his suit case and grabbed the handle (too heavy so he abandoned it). They were both ready to go. Olea has been counting down the days. In the past year we've all had hair cuts. ok, Gary has had more than I like to keep track of and Olea and I had at least two. Zurich had one. Zurich can crawl, walk, run, jump etc. and Olea can almost tie her shoes. She almost knows how to draw all her ABCs and numbers. Gary and I still don't know how to get to bed before 11pm. We've all made a font from our handwriting, except Zurich.

And for the tag, if you've done it before... and don't want to do the same picture, don't. Do the seventh of the seventh folder or something, break the rules. Enjoy.
I tag Camie, Angie, Janell, Aimee, Gina, Erin/Stan(whoever is in charge of the blog these days).

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