Thursday, March 19, 2009

missing children

I don't take pictures very often when the kids aren't around. I brought the camera yesterday, I spent most of the day with my friend Cyndi and then met Gary at his work so we could take in a session at the Salt Lake City Temple (where we were married). However, I never picked up the camera. So instead I am posting pictures from the weekend while Gary's parents were here and other things that bring me joy.

Olea shows me her template (to make a font, she saw me filling in the templates and wanted to try it that way).

Zurich now likes to lay down in the bath. Much easier for me.Zurich figured out that he could flip over Olea's laundry basket so he could use it as a stool to get to the treats she had on her dresser. Smarty pants.Since we put in the water softener we wanted to test out what the salesmen use as a selling point out here to sell everyone "professional grade" water softeners. They say our water out here is so hard that a "regular" softener wouldn't work. Don't believe it. It works just fine. We got one from Lowes, Gary installed it.. and it works. Just ask this water professional.... Who also happens to be my father in law. Handy-dandy.

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