Friday, March 13, 2009


Every one who has ever sung this song can understand his enthusiasm. We planned on singing a
different song for Family Home Evening this week, but Zurich kept interrupting so we gave in.
Please excuse our fabulous, angelic choir voices... it's hard to laugh and sing at the same time.

Oh and doesn't he look like such a big boy now? It's killing me. The hair cut was a good idea. He's
so darn handsome. Today Gary and Olea went skiing. Zurich and I used wisdom and stayed
home. But when Zurich saw them heading out the door he was totally distraught. He was
whimpering and brought his shoes to Gary. So after they left I helped him get shoes and socks on
and we played in the park for a while. Oh he loves that. He's all brave with the slide now. He
walks as far down the slide as he can till he falls and slides the rest of the way. This means
sometimes he comes down head first sometimes on his back etc. and loves every minute of it. I
encourage him to sit down and go normally but sometimes he just likes to show off.


  1. What a CUTE little boy you have! Oh, I think I'll like him as much as Olea! (So sad I've never met offspring #2!)

    Way to use "wisdom" and not ski with your toddler and pregnant self!