Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Week away

Here are some pics from the kids' time at Grandma and Pappa's.

Feeding the animals, cows in particular.

Playing in the bubbles. Olea looks like she is taking a shower in them.

Popcorn. Zurich loves it. Mouth full, hand full and still a hand in the bowl.
He also liked sitting at the big table.

Olea makes a craft, Garden Stones, and rolls with cousins, Sabrina and Lucas.

And enjoys a tea party with Mrs. Castle, Miss Annabelle,...et al.

Zurich and his treat dispenser, Olea and her lego man.

Zurich praying he doesn't drown,

wearing his speedo,

and chilling with Bella, he probably has dog food in his mouth, in the wagon, emptying out his shoe.

Riding the horse with Pappa.

The kids had a ball, and it sounds like Grandma and Pappa enjoyed the week as well. I am so
greatful my kids are having opportunities to develop relationships with their grandparents.
Zurich had a bit of a hard time adjusting to being back at home I think. That evening he kept
jumping laps whining in between, it's like he couldn't decide who he loved the most.

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