Sunday, July 20, 2008

Olea's birthday

I am late on this post but I figured it needed to be posted and it took me a bit to get together the pictures. Olea celebrated her 4th birthday in June, here I am a month later, shows how busy life gets. So here's to my little 4 year old.
birth2 months
1st birthday Olea and Grandparentsjello cake demolition
with Great Uncle Walter-Horst

2nd birthday morning face
coretta making the monkey b-day cake
gary manning the grill, we had a bbq for the parents
cousins, Sabrina, Olea and Jade ride in the trainOlea the birthday train her grandparents madethe monkey cake

3rd birthday Licking frosting, green is her fav color this year friends making princess crowns the slip and slide eating watermelon Olea in middle, she loves watermelon
her swimming suit barely stayed on, so gary "fixed" it, opening presents here

4th birthday the bouncy house the train shade for adults some of the dads that tried the water slide Olea in the train with friends make your own cupcake Olea's was a space ship

So from the pictures you may be thinking that I am the best mom ever, it was a rad birthday party. As much as I would like everyone to think that I am that nice of a mom... I'm not. I just have great in-laws. They totally made Olea's birthday party a fantastic adventure. The kids had a blast, so did the dads ;). Regrettably, I never backed up away from the party enough to get a picture of the whole set up, apparently it was quite the spectacle, I had questions about it from people who drove by for weeks after. It was a super fun day and after the party we had some of our friends stay for dinner along with the relatives who were staying with us. Grandma did her Cinderella dance with Olea for everyone.

I thought I would have a pretty good documentation of what Olea looks like in swim suit from birth to age four since she has a summer birthday and the water is always present at her birthday parties. However, she wasn't always in a swim suit. :)


  1. You have fun birthday parties. Carter's is coming up and this is the first party I have had for him. I'm a little nervous. Any tips?

  2. Fun birthday party!!! Maddie's is in December so I would like to randomly celebrate her half-birthday in the summer so she can have some wet fun birthdays. We'll see if I ever do.