Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tuesday Tell All - Summer is Sweet

I like smoothies a lot during the summer, probably becuase my husband likes to grill and the lighter smoothie just sounds refreshing, and it's cool.

My favorite smoothie:
about a cup of frozen or fresh fruit, (I like the rainbow mix at Costo)
2 cups of Activa Yogurt
1 can of Fresca

in the blender till it's all smooth (obviously) this makes enough for my husband and I and my daughter and if there is leftovers we make Popsicles out of it. They are my daughter's favorite.

Gary gets credit for this one, I'm pretty sure he concocted it off of a Fresca smoothie I really liked. The yogurt is a fab addition.


  1. Mmmm....this sounds so yummy. I have some Fresca left over from a bbq (I usually don't have it on hand), so I think I will make this for the boys and myself as a treat tonight. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. I'm excited to try it; I LOVE smoothies, especially the ones that are banana-free!