Friday, July 11, 2008


ok so I'm no Hell's Angel, but I know a few things about riding a motorcycle... not that I drive one, but my father did growing up and used to take me on rides and now my husband has one. I have ridden enough with him or driving behind him to notice something. It is customary and courteous to wave at other motorcyclists on the road passing or oncoming. You don't know them but you wave, not your typical teaching a toddler to wave but a hand off the handlebars that glides along just outside of handlebar range or just below, or a lift of the fingers off the bars depending on if there is a turn or not. I find this fascinating. I thought bikers were supposed to be mean people. Well at least that is the stereotype. Obviously I don't buy into it really considering my dad and mu husband. And yet we pedestrians walk down the street and don't even look at the person we pass on the other side of the sidewalk. And autos on the road are so rude. Everyone thinks they are more important than the next and everyone is in a hurry. The other day I had two people in a row cut me off really bad. I don't get it why isn't there more courtesy? According to my husband, Harley riders wave to Harleys, Japanese bikes waves to other Japanese bikes, no one waves to a scooter. :) hehehah Though I have seen Harleys wave to us (we have a Honda Shadow).

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  1. Hi, after we became friends on face book I saw that you had a blog too. Hope you didn't mind. It is fun to keep in touch. You have such a cute family.