Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lindon Cannery

If you are looking for the Lindon Cannery it can be easy to miss if you have never been there. It is on the north side of the street set back a bit from the road, it's that drive way to the left (west of the building) on the picture that you want to go down. The cannery parking and entrance is behind the white building.
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It has been brought to my attention through google analytics and a comment by, I am sure, a well meaning individual; that this post was coming up when people searched for specific key words. I do not feel the need to delete this post, nor to act like it didn't happen but I have moved it, so this high traffic post can direct people to the cannery. I was very frustrated and for this purpose I will leave up the post with minor edits. This is not a negative post about the cannery specifically it is a post about unsolicited advice. No one is forcing you to read the post. Nor do I believe, or think that you should believe, that my single experience represents the experience of many or is even a good indication of what a trip to this location would consist of. This post was a rant. I am allowed to do that. It was a single experience to exemplify many of which I experience as a young mother with young children in a society that supposedly supports the idea of families.
For the record: I feel completely justified in sharing my thought response to the unsolicited advice I received. If one is annoyed by it perhaps they should consider one's own comments before providing a stranger with unsolicited advice. (that's my unsolicited advice)

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