Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Something will always happen

Today I took a trip to town with the kids. This means something will happen.
Zurich threw his binki which was on a clip which he ripped off his shirt, it's lost. It sucks because it was a clip my friend had made for him, beaded and all manly cute.
Olea threw a small fit about the kind of fruit snacks I bought. (there were at least 4 varieties to choose from) I choose because she whined to me about buying them at all.
I had to push the 300 lb cart plus kids all by myself at Costco... and then unload it all into the house and put it away.
Zurich was fussy with teething and kept throwing everything that he got his hands on. I gave him a paper to keep him occupied and he liked to drop it and watch it float down, then a pen=drop, and his binki=bounce. He is a super sweet child who is very pleasant, but when he is unhappy there is no mistaking it. He was ornery the last hour or two of our trip. He screeches and burrows his head where he can.
We ended up buying two boxes of ice cream cones because Olea threw it in the cart when I was taking care of Zurich.
Zurich got a bruise from Olea's elbow on top of his goose egg on his forehead.
We ran out of water.
My rings that I had in for rhodium plating didn't match when I went to pick them up, One was PURPLE! So I don't get my rings for another week. They'd never seen that before.
Kiddie Kandids has "never seen a stretched picture" but it happened to me. We got it fixed and reprinted but they couldn't get rid of the white line on the bottom of the matte.
It took us 5 hours to go to the Mall (jewler and kiddieKandids), Walmart and Costco.
Gary called but we couldn't hear him because of bad reception.
When I went to unload the car the groceries had shifted and upon opening the hatch the crate of nectarines dumped and nectarines rolled down the driveway, in the garage and in the lawn.

Zurich made me laugh though with his fascination with watching things fall. Olea earned lots of tickets (good behavior rewards system) hence we bought the ice cream cones. Olea sent me into a giggling fit today because she was so talkative at dinner she wasn't eating at all. I enjoyed sitting on the swing with Olea eating icecream cones in the dusk. Zurich was clawing at me in the store after he'd lost his binki like he hadn't eaten in days (it wasn't even hunger, just wanted his binki to chew on). I think it's funny that I seem to create anomalie situations. We made it home from our walk in time to make sure Olea didn't have an accident. We made it home safe and the kids are in bed. I am thankful for bed. Hopefully when Gary calls again I will be able to hear him. Life is good and despite the "somethings" that happened today, It's all good. I had fun with them and appreciate so much their personalities and Olea's desires to make good choices.

p.s. Notice how Gary grows a mustache over the pictures in the basement post. He promises it will be gone when he gets back from work in Hawaii. I think I will cut my hair too... Ohhhh So comments are appreciated. Here are some ideas I have, let me know what you think. I want it shoulder length or shorter. I played around on photoshop with some options. I am thinking #4 would be impossible for me and I don't much like it.


  1. THere are no words... except that I think you described the insanity of everyday life perfectly. Granted most days we are fortunate to enjoy a little more structure and fun, but I'm with you... whenever you have plans to go out and "get things done," something always happens! Your kiddos are so cute. I'm glad things finally seemed to settle down.

    Oh... and my vote for the hair is #3!! Cute pics. Next time I'm thinking about chopping my hair I should have you help me with photoshop! :)

  2. I'm definitely too chicken to cut mine right now! I've thought too much about it, now I can't do it!
    I think 2 or 3 would be great on you!!!

    and i completely agree, something ALWAYS happens. ha ha.

  3. My vote is number 1 or 3...So, Gary is in Hawaii for work? Rough! When do we get to go somewhere cool for our every day work? Hmmm I think we need a mother's convention...where should we go?

  4. Oh, the joys of motherhood. It seems like when it rains, it pours, yes?! Your kids are lucky to have such a wonderful momma. And I'm so glad you found things to laugh at throughout the stressful events!

    As for the hair...I like 'em all, especially #1 and 2. :) I'm excited to see you with short hair!

  5. Oh and to answer your question, sorry it took me so long....
    You can change the color of you nav bar (at the top of your blog) by going into layout, then at the top of your layout elements click on the edit option of the nav bar, then you can choose from a few colors.
    Then I changed my comments to snipits by going into my layout and click on edit on the post element. Does any of that make any sense? It's really simple but hard to explain!