Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesday Tell All - Shaping Up

I started walking with my neighbor at her invitation, it lasted a week. Well with her, she has since broken her foot and so I have been on my own since that first week. It's been over a month but I'm sticking to it and proud of it. When I go alone I like it when Olea rides her scooter rather than choosing to ride in the stroller because I have to keep up a good pace or run to keep up with her which means I am getting my heart rate up. Otherwise walking on your own keeping up a pace is hard I think. I used to do track in high school so I feel like a looser now because just walking is a big achievement. :) I have some excuses though, which I think are pretty good. I have asthma which was only partly to blame for my drop off in exercise. When we found out the real reason in 2005 and had my thyroid removed I was suddenly able to manage my asthma like a real asthmatic, the large tumors on my thyroid were blocking my airway thus making it hard to breath, swallow etc. No amount of medicine seemed to be doing the trick, becuase it just wasn't making it past the tumor. But by then I hadn't done regular heart rate exercise for 4 years. (I'd done weight training, which is super fun and I love but not the same). It's taken a lot of will power for me with two kids to figure out a time to go and stick with it esp. when I have to convince my 4 year old that this is something we HAVE to do. So now I am working on building up my endurance which everyone kept telling me I needed to do before the tumor was removed and they all though I was just being a wuss because it just got worse and worse as the tumor got larger and larger. I'm no wuss. (I could go off on a tirade her about how super I am, but I'll save you all). Ah the kind of track star I could have been had I not had a huge tumor blocking my air way. Alas. ;) And when the basement is done and we move the weight set back inside we can begin that again too.


  1. I think that, one of these days, you SHOULD do a post all about how great you are. It would be a fun read, I dare say. :) Way to go on the exercise though, girly!

  2. Good for you! Wish you were still close...we could walk together. :)