Friday, July 25, 2008

Picture tag

I don't really get this tag, but I was tagged by Gina, because she tagged anyone who has kids. I claim two most days. It is at least a week old too.

1. Toilet
{I don't normally take pictures of my toilet...}
2. Laundry
{now why would you want a picture of my laundry?}

3. Kitchen sink
{I try to keep an empty sink, it's peace of mind and a pineapple can for bacon grease}

4. Closet
{It's almost legal bedroom size}

5. Refrigerator
{decorated by Olea and life, I like leftovers, less cooking for lunches, and my roomies from college will appreciate the large jug of Salsa middle shelf in the back}

6. Favorite pair of shoes
{I guess these two are my fave since they have a permanent home next to the front door, rather than my closet like the rest of my shoes}

7. Favorite Room
{ah we now have a king bed with memory foam top, soooo nice, yes our bed still sits directly on the floor until I make the bed frame I desire, nothing else will do, our bedroom is large shaped kinda like an L so you can't see most of it in the pic }

8. What your children are doing right now
{Olea is emptying her ark piggy bank and Zurich is trying to get the pennies}

I tag anyone who cares to do it.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, that was kind of a random tag, wasn't it? But I played anyway! I'm weird...

    Hey, when does Gary get home?