Wednesday, July 23, 2008

she's still a beauty

So yesterday I took Olea to Kiddie Kandids for her free birthday print. (I'm a cheapy, but I usually do end up buying a montage too so I spend about $25) People comment that she looks like her dad, and we've been hearing it since she was born, lately I am hearing that she's looking more like me. However, yesterday a picture was taken that when I saw it I thought, "Woah, that looks like her dad (as a child)." It's not the cutest picture of her but I had to put it in the montage so Gary could see it. I found the picture of Gary that I had in mind, and yes, they really do look alike in these pics. So against all copyright laws (since they are both professional pictures) I present to you the comparison.
(Gary also looks a LOT like his mom at this age as well. And I'm sure Gary will appreciate that I am putting this picture on the web, so here's another one. :) It's one of my favorites.


  1. Funny that you'd post this, because I was just thinking when reading through Olea's birthday post that she looks SO MUCH like YOU! (Especially in the train picture at the bottom of that post. It's like she's a little mini-me of Coretta.) That's my opinion, and it still stands.

    However, she sure looks a lot like Gary's young picture too. I guess nobody can say she doesn't belong!

  2. I think she does look a lot like his picture, but I also think she looks like you.