Thursday, August 20, 2009

4 month curse

I guess when my babes get to 4 months I start slacking... maybe that was Zurich's problem. I don't rightly know. But when I took Genève in for her 4 month check the nurse weighed her at least 5 times before we just did the whole my weight plus holding her and got the exact same number. So why did the nurse weigh her so many times?

Because she looked chubbier than 13.8 lbs. remember....

This is what I think it is: I think a few weeks ago she was more like the 15 lbs the nurse and I expected her to be, but then she got all distracted and so did I and I didn't make sure she ate her normal time and so she was just getting enough to get by. When I tell people that the child would starve if I didn't pay attention, it's true. She's just so darn pleasant and really doesn't cry. So after my trip to the doc I started paying attention to how long she was actually eating for... way less than she used to. OK so I need to start watching the clock again and making sure she's not distracted by the mass chaos that is life with Olea and Zurich. They are just so much fun how can she sit there with her line of sight so boring and hear all the fun they are having? So I have been paying attention and helping her to get a full feeding.

Genève loves to watch TV. I had her already out of the bath and I had turned on the TV to keep Zurich still while I diapered and dressed him after a bath and here she is arching and turning onto her side to get a look at it. She can also play with stuff, she eyes something and has enough control to get it and play with it for a while. She still doesn't LOVE tummy time but she is doing great but when she's done she'll just put her head down and close her eyes. She turns her head into a blanket from her Aunt (just like Zurich and Olea who like to have their blankies against or over their faces as they sleep) and loves to watch Olea and Zurich play and showers them with smiles when they turn their attention to her, well she's still a little leery of Zurich.

Other than being slightly down on her growth she checked out beautifully and handled the shots very well. Better than Olea... who wasn't even getting the shots, who cowered in a corner with her fists in balls shaking a little, panic plain on her face near to tears for her little sister. I wasn't kidding when I said she had needle trauma. Zurich was interested but more wanted out of the stroller because I was more than two feet away from him. After we got home he would come up and touch her band aids and say, "owie," and kinda tisk a little and then give her kisses on her shots because he's WAY into getting every little owie kissed. Ya, I took all three, what else am I supposed to do?

By the way, can I just say I Love our family doctor. He's just what we need in a family doctor.
While I was there he asked about a wrist I had wrapped (for some reason it's been hurting and I was trying counter pressure) and how I was feeling on the new thyroid replacement. I mean seriously, most doctors wouldn't even answer my questions with out pulling out a new chart for billing purposes, but he cares enough to know and suggest that next time I bring the baby in I get my levels checked again so I don't have to pay to have a separate visit with him, he knows what kind of insurance we have and is sensitive and helpful to that. As well as his nurse who is wonderful, once she carried Zurich out to the car for me in the rain and this time suggested an alternate way to do one of the vaccines that our new insurance won't cover, so that it reduced or negated the cost to us. I've recommended him to everyone new to the area who asks... which I should probably stop doing or I won't be able to get an appointment when I need one. ;)


  1. OH, it's so easy to like your children, Coretta.

  2. I want to know who your family doctor is:)

  3. She's so cute!
    I totally love my family doctor too. He's awesome. Sounds a lot like yours. Maybe they are the same? OR I guess it could be that there are two great caring doctors in Utah....maybe. I just love that he knows our family so well, since he takes care of each of us and delivers my babies. So glad you get great care. :)