Friday, August 28, 2009

sleep crutch

Unlike Olea, who always slept with soft things (to my recollection),
Zurich likes to sleep with his favorite and most likely the hardest things he can find.
Doggy, Car, Foma (phone), he tried truck aka Mater, but too pokey,
but that didn't stop him from sleeping with
the bathroom vanity from Olea's doll house one night.
Though I did have to dig it out from underneath him at 4am when he rolled over on it and started crying.
The softest thing he sleeps with... his blankie, obviously.
But it's all good because he's sleeping in a big boy bed and is taking naps again most days.
Life is good he can sleep with Ramone and Doggy if that is what it takes.


  1. hmmm that pillowcase looks a little familiar! I think I have one just like it...hmmm did I give you that? :)

  2. Sara, yuppers that came from you. The kids sometimes bicker over who gets the "happy face" one. :) Zurich won this time