Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ode to the moth

A while back Gary was taking out the garbage with Olea, when they came back in Gary had a butterfly moth trapped in his hands. Apparently in his elementary school they had to make bug collections.
I would have loved that as a mother... and now as a mother... well, anyway so he put it in a Tupperware with a cotton ball soaked with deadly fumes.... I was not so convinced with the deadly fumes becasue it took the thing a half hour to die.

The whole time I was saying, "are you sure it's alchohol? He's sure is taking a long time to die." etc. But the kids thought it was great.

They were jumping around screaming with delight as it flitted about for its life.
That's why we have dads right? Anyway so after a while it stops twitching and so Gary gets a piece of cardboard and pins and mounts it to the cardboard.

Ok, now what?
Stick it to the bullitin board, obviously.

I would like to say that the thing was dead when it was mounted...
I cannot.
The next day Olea walked past the board to go to the potty and alerted me to the fact that the thing was still moving it's antennae.

So a while back we were purging the bulletin board and we finally got to throw it out.
Sorry nasty little thing.
It was there for almost a whole month.
Olea now sees the picture and says, "his eyes were really cute."
I think it was supposed to be Acetone, not alcohol.
Apparently Gary would have loved to have had such a specimen in Elementary school. Glad he got to live his dream at 29. :)


  1. I'm so grossed out by normal-sized moths...I'd have flipped right out to see that thing in real life! (Not gonna lie; I totally shuddered at the picture alone.)

    But...hooray for Gary and the kids?

  2. jumping and screaming with delight as it flitted for its life... it doesn't get any better than that. ha ha.

  3. Because you got me curious, I looked up "Utah symbols" and apparently the state fruit for ZION (heh heh) is the CHERRY. Pretty sure I wouldn't have guessed that...

    And our "historic vegetable" is the sugar beet. And out state bird isn't just the seagull, but the CALIFORNIA seagull. (What the...?!)

    Now we know...