Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Necessity is the mother of invention...

and time constraints seem to be the mother of my creativity. Last Saturday we were headed to my friend's daughter's birthday party and though my friend didn't expect us to bring a gift... her daughter is old enough to care, and young enough to expect it. :) So I asked Olea what we should do. Olea suggested I make her earrings. I was thinking beading so I shot down that idea the night before because I knew I didn't have time. So the next morning as the rain comes down in sheets I was nursing the babe and thought... I have those flat posts... for gluing. I could tat some simple little pretties that aren't over the top for a young girl and add a crystal (like unto the Tatties) for some necessary bling. Olea approved after she saw them.

And I am going to make myself a similar pair because I just thought they looked adorable on that sweet girly girl...too bad I didn't get a pic... and though I am not that young or cute, I do think they would look just fine on me. :)

We were late though due to who knows what (because the earrings I did with said nursing baby in my arms) and when Olea heard she had missed the DANCING... well that was sad. So my friend promised her that next time we came we could dance. I'll let Olea do the dancing.

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  1. You are so creative it's almost ridiculous.

    Just sayin...