Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Table redo

The 1/4 inch thick glass on our dining room table top got broken. Since replacing it was pricey we decided to try plexiglass. The table is pine, VERY soft pine so just using the naked table top is not an option.

You can, and will have to imagine the before picture because I was so busy doing I forgot to get a picture. But, it was just a bare table top that I'd slid a few pictures beneath the glass. This time we were going to screw down the plexiglass since the weight wasn't enough to keep it on. So I went through pictures trying to find a good spread of conversational, milestones and cuteness and had 100 printed up at Costco using free prints coupons. We figured it would only take 50-80. I used little strips of the adhesive tape to just keep them in place as I arranged the prints. The ones on the edges I had oriented to be correctly viewed from the closest sitting point, but all the center ones I varied between upside down and right side up so the eye travels around the table. (Gary's idea, I'll give credit where credit is due) Gary drilled countersink in the plexiglass. The kids practiced on a spare board we had from the basement construction.

Arrange pictures. Put on plexiglass, screw down and seal edges with clear caulk. Viola! Dining room table.

It's been really fun to have the kids point out things and memories as we eat, it also sparks their memories of other things. Zurich will often go get a snack and set down to the table to point out "Mama, Dada, Eah, Beebee and Bobo." It helps keep kids at the table long enough to eat. ...But now, Zurich really insists on sitting at the big table, probably almost time for it anyway. :)

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  1. So legal...and appreciated!!! Holy Moly girl!! I am speechless. That is just beyond cool. And sorry about the Oreo puke. I have nothing to complain about!!