Thursday, August 27, 2009


Last night Gary asked me, "So are you going to cry tomorrow when your baby starts kindergarten?"
"Probably not."

Olea was excited to go and woke up on her own at 7:45am. I didn't have her pick out an outfit or anything like that the day before, I didn't want her obsessed with clothes and appearance. I just told her yesterday that her hair had to be brushed and done by me for school and she could pick her clothes but that they had to match. This morning I asked her if she wanted to pick out her clothes or if she wanted me to. She chose for me to. I picked out an outfit and she didn't want the hoodie shirt and just opted for the plain white shirt. Nondescript is good. I cut her hair Wednesday but I'm not totally happy with it. I was trying to keep it long but short enough that brushing it wouldn't be such a fight. ohh... I remember the days Olea wanted her hair french braided almost every day and would actually let me brush it with out a fight.
Ready for school.

She wanted to ride her bike and was totally good about walking across the crosswalk and on school grounds.

She and her friend "Bumblebee" were happy to see each other and did a happy dance.

I was glad there was also a little girl I know in her class as well who is a good, but shy girl. I just hope Olea attaches to good kids for friends. So seeing potential was comforting.
She was totally good, "Bye Mom." aka "you can go now"

After she got home we had a Popsicle while she called her Dad and told him how things went.
The Verdict: It was pretty fun!
Would she go again? Ya, totally!
good, cause if you do it "right" you'll be in school another 17 years. And so it begins...

And how did I fare? Went home fed the baby, cleaned up breakfast dishes, played cars with Zurich. And back to pick up Olea. Time flies when you are nursing a baby. :)

With school in mind, here is some interesting stats I figured out last night.
When Olea is 10 Genève will be starting Kindergarten.
Olea and Zurich will likely never be in the same category of school.
Genève and Zurich will be one year apart in school. That makes the spacing between our kids seem even more dramatic.


  1. I am so happy that Olea had a fun first day!!! Mason is really enjoying 1st grade so far even with the nightly 30 minute reading homework! It is so hard for me to believe that Olea & Sabrina are old enough to be in Kindergarten and that Mason is in 1st grade, aren't they supposed to all still be in diapers!!!

    We love you guys and miss you tons! Give the kids a big hug from all of us!

  2. oh man. our girls are both in kindergarten!
    and oh! the agony i have over hoping that ellie attaches herself to good kids. ha ha.
    she's darling.

  3. All these kids staring kindergarten this year, where did the time go? Why did they have to get so big?

  4. I have never cried dropping a kid off for Kindergarten. I rather enjoy that rite of passage. Taking Kiara to 1st grade however....I was a little teary eyed, I'll admit. Mostly because that's when they spend more waking hours with someone you don't really know than they do with you. Now with Kegan in 1st, yeah, I was doing a happy dance; he needs someone besides me to order him around all the time. Better for our relationship if I'm not always the bad guy.