Saturday, August 8, 2009

memories and comparisons

So we are kinda, sorta, trying to start potty training Zurich...
I sound confident.
He prefers to be naked while he is on the potty so I think it would be inappropriate to post a pic.
But I was looking through old pics today to place under the Plexiglas we just got for our kitchen table (Olea broke the tempered glass that we have had for 6 years and who knows how long Gary's parents had it before then).... and found this

Who needs a diaper? I don't need no diaper, diapers are good for nothing, 'cept maybe a cool hat.

And because we are on the subject of potty training, Olea was potty trained in a size three diaper. Zurich is younger than her but at a size four... here is Genève, oh the glorious fatness, she is 4 months old and in a size three diaper. I'll say it again; I am so proud of this.

And while we're, or rather I, am on the subject of Genève, here she is doing her cute little finger sucking with her other hand around her head, its there or tugging on her ear (she's still wearing a 1-2 diaper because we were going to make use of everyone on of those expensive poop catchers before we bought a new size).

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